10 Eventful Years

Established in September 2005, Tourmalet Consulting is celebrating ten years of advising businesses and business people.  

We offer discrete and confidential advice on a range of challenging business issues based on a wealth of experience. A snapshot of where we are now shows us advising on (inter alia);
• A range of multi million pound failed tax savings schemes and their consequences.  
• Legal fees claims for sums in excess of half a million pounds.  
• A substantial sale of a private business.  
• Strategic development of a listed company.  
• Multi million-­pound personal guarantee claims for several individuals with property issues in Cyprus, Romania and Spain as well as in the UK.  
• A million-­pound professional negligence claim.  
• A complaint to the Legal Ombudsman on behalf of a high net worth individual.  
• The sale of a factory built on contaminated land.  
• The consequences of flooding and partial destruction of a large country house and the associated insurance issues.  
• The recovery of substantial invoices for a building contractor.  
• A claim for recovery of a six figure sum against a liquidator.  
• Claims on behalf series of creditors in the estate of a £40m bankrupt.  

Our clients’ problems have two things in common – they are complex and involve substantial sums of money.

Tourmalet is a unique business advisor. We can honestly say we have saved our collective client base millions of pounds. We make your problem our problem and solve it. We do not charge for process, we charge for results!

During  the  last  decade  we  have:
• Acted as Law of Property Act Receivers on a large number of commercial premises including building a new supermarket.  
• Acted on a series of start ups.  
• Acted on a number of acquisitions.  
• Acted on several highly successful turnarounds of SME’s.  
• Advised a number of high net worth  individuals on  business and investment issues and personal claims.  
• Advised a number of SME’s on issues with claims, governance and liaison with advisors and funding.  

Some of the organisations we hav  provided services to over the last 10 years:

Investec bank; Findel PLC; Co-­op Bank; Whiteleys Garden Centre; MBL PLC; Britannia Building Society; BusinessDesk.com; Drydens Fairfax; The Improvement Foundation; Micklegate Group; Royal London Insurance; Bank of Ireland; Clarity Credit Management; Herbert Walker Ltd; Andy Thornton Ltd; Illius ltd; Brewchem International Ltd

And many many more.  

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