April 2017

We continue to work on a wide variety of interesting projects.
Tourmalet formed part of a team that saw a seven year court battle brought to a successful conclusion on the Court of Appeal in March 2017. We formulated a new approach to a complex legal dispute by developing the concept of equitable security – a valuable but often overlooked concept. We were able to convince the Court of the powerful priority rights of the beneficiary of the equitable charge. Charges and mortgages don’t always have to be in the form used by your local bank or building society!
Sadly we find ourselves with yet more work challenging professional over charging. It is annoying how clients will pay substantial fees for work that is providing no tangible benefit.
Much can be done to reduce these charges. In the last month we have saved one client alone some £50,000 in improperly charged accountancy fees.
Personal guarantees continue to occupy us. These are pernicious documents and there is much that can be done to challenge them. We have just saved two clients from a potential £175,000 liability under a guarantee that was clearly flawed.
Other current projects include the sale of an interest in a highly profitable manufacturing company; a dispute over a valuable commercial property and advice on a large hotel development.
Tourmalet Consulting has now been trading for twelve years and in that time has accumulated a vast level of experience.
If you have a corporate or commercial problem, it is almost certain we will be able to help.

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