News Update

To give readers an idea of what we deal with (and therefore whether we can help) here is a snapshot of some of the work going through the office at the moment.

  • Advising on a large historical bank claim against a client – the claim dates back to the property crash
  • Resisting several personal guarantee claims
  • Trying to resolve ownership issues in respect of overseas property (Cyprus)
  • Dealing with fall out from two failed tax avoidance schemes
  • Advising a very active building sub contractor on a number of contractual matters
  • Dealing with attempts by HMRC to impose personal liability on a company directors.
  • Advising a group of shareholders on their position in a potential shareholder dispute
  • Advising two separate groups of pension fund trustees on various issues affecting their Funds


We cover a wide range of issues.

We aim to provide practical and commercial assistance to resolve problems.



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